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Andarr Industries Inc
Andarr Industries Inc

REA Magnet Wire


Typical Applications
 Oil-filled transformers 
 Superconducting coils for cryogenic

Product Description
Thermal Class:    105°
Proven performance in oil-filled applications.
Excellent hydrolytic stability.
Resistant to mechanical and winding abuse due to superior flexibility and abrasion resistance.
Performs well in in-line flattening processes.
Compatible with most varnishes and impregnation compounds.
Retains insulating properties when exposed to cryogenic temperatures.
Compatible with transformer oils. 

      Single 14 – 23 AWG
      Heavy 4 – 23 AWG  

      Single 14 – 18 AWG
      Heavy 4 – 18 AWG 

      Heavy 1 – 14 

      Heavy 1 – 10 AWG 

Rectangular   Copper (Heavy) 

 Min Width .081"  Max Width .750"  Min Thickness .030"  Max Thickness .292


Typical Applications
Coils and Relays                                
  Lighting Ballast transformers               
  Torroidal Coils                                 
  Ignition Coils   

Product Description
Thermal Class:    155° 

Solderable without prior insulation removal. Polyamide (Nylon) overcoat provides excellent mechanical protection during winding and insertion. Excellent dereeling and windability on high speed and/or automated winding machines. Produces compact coils and windings. Self-fluxing providing excellent soldered connections with solder temperatures as low as 360°C. Exceptional film flexibility and adhesion. Extremely resistant to a variety of solvents, including most varnishes and hardener catalysts.        

Standard Color:

      Single 10 – 38 AWG
      Heavy 10 – 31 AWG 

      Single 10 – 24 AWG
      Heavy 10 – 24 AWG 


NanoShield SD 

Theic Modified Polyester + Nanoshieldcoat 

+ overcoated with Polyamide Imide (AI) 

Thermal Class: 200 

Shape: Round 

NEMA Specification: MW 35-C 


Hand wound and high speed windings with difficult insertion and winding characteristics for inverter-driven motors, high frequency transformers, and high voltage motors 


l Exceptional resistance to voltage stresses generated by high frequency, rapid rise time, voltage spikes typically introduced by IGBT-type inverters. Motor life is increased significantly over standard MW-35C magnet wire under these voltage stresses and across a wide temperature range l Substantial insulation protection against transient spikes, high frequencies, elevated voltage levels, and short rise time pulses without increasing insulation thickness l Enhanced resistance to thermoplastic flow (cutthrough), surface abrasion and heat shock l Enhanced Dielectric strength l Exceptional flexibilty without embrittlement, due to the significant reduction in size of the shield coat particles to the nano level l Excellent resistance to heat and solvent shock conditions encountered in varnishing and encapsulating processes l ROHS & REACH Certified l 100% in-line tested for HVC and bead prevention  Availability: 

      Heavy   12 – 28 AWG 

Glass Insulated 


Typical Applications
Electrical generators
Traction motors
Locomotive applications
Industrial motors
Mining equipment 

Product Description 

Thermal Class:    155° 

Available in a variety of constructions providing a wide range of temperature classifications and increased dielectric strengths (155°C, 180°C and 200°C).
Double Daglas over bare copper with modified epoxy varnish.
Double or Single Daglas over Heavy Therm-Aimid 200 with modified epoxy varnish.
Double or Single Daglas over Heavy ML with modified epoxy varnish.
Polyester fiber/glass fiber combination provides freedom from fraying and superior adhesion.
Outstanding toughness
Machine windable
Daglas-film constructions provide improved electrical properties. 

      Copper          1 – 18 AWG 

      Copper          1 – 14 AWG 


Paper Tape 

Typical Applications
Oil-filled transformers
Utility transformers
Power generation 

Product Description 

Through the use of its patented Magna-Ply® System as well as improving upon traditional insulating technologies, Rea-Algonquin has become a world leader in the high speed application of insulating papers on copper and aluminum. Typical tape thicknesses used for wrapping conductor are 2, 2.5 and 3 mil. Linear Served Paper (LSP) is also available. 

Insulations available: 

Various types of thermally upgraded paper are available either as 100% kraft or as manila/kraft combinations.  Some of these papers are available creped for extra toughness.  Papers coated with "B" stage epoxies are also available. 

Nomex® is a tough, high temperature paper that exhibits excellent physical, thermal, and electrical properties. Nomex® is compatible with transformer oil and most commonly used with varnishes and adhesives in both dry and oil-filled applications. 

Weidmann® 105° Cindus® 105° Manning® 105° Munksjö® 105° Tullis Russell® 105° Cindus® 105° Nomex® 220° Kapton® 250° Mica 155° 

Special purposes tapes, including Kapton® and Mylar®, plus various micas, diamond and epoxy coatings are available by special order. 

Continuously Transposed Cable (CTC) 

Typical Applications
Utility transformers 

Standard Construction 

Individual strands are CDA11000 ETP copper magnet wire conforming to ASTM B-48-68. Each strand is insulated with heavy build Formvar polyvinyl formal) enamel insulation conforming to NEMA MW 18-C. An outer covering of insulated tapes is applied over the transposed conductors to provide mechanical and dielelectric strength. These tapes are normally applied with a butt lap and are registered approximately 30% over the previous layer. The top two tapes are normally applied with a butt intercalated lap of 50%. Standard Insulation is 0.003" (0.076 mm) thermally upgraded creped kraft paper.  

Optional Construction 

  • Cold work hardened strands up to 26,000 psi (180 newton/mm2 ) 0.2% offset yield. 
  • Anneal resistand DCDA 11400 silver bearing copper strands (approximately 55,000 psi [380 newton/mm2] 0.2% offset yield). 
  • "B" staged epoxy coating over enamel insulation. 

Optional Insulations 

  • Inner layers of 0.003" (0.076mm) thermally upgraded 60% hemp/40% kraft paper. 
  • Two outer layers of 0.003" (0.076 mm) thermally upgraded creped kraft paper. 

Polymer insulated 


Typical Applications
Utility transformers 

Product Description
Thermal Class:    180° (copper)
200° (aluminum) 

Magneflex features copper or aluminum conductors insulated with a high temperature engineered resin.  The advanced polymer coatings have been very successful in transformer applications. 

  • Provides uniformity of insulation thickness 
  • Excellent resistance to stress cracking 
  • Excellent dielectric properties 
  • Up to 100% reduction in test failures 
  • Increased winding speeds 
  • Lower water absorption 
  • Lower total unit cost 
  • Extremely durable 
  • Easy to strip 

      Copper/Aluminum          2 – 8 AWG 

Rectangular   Copper/Aluminum 

 Min Width .080"   Max Width .750"   Min Thickness .050"   Max Thickness .250"