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B Stage Products

RES-I-GLAS Banding Tape 

RES-I-GLAS® by Fibertek is known throughout the rotating electrical equipment industry as the trade name of choice for glass banding tapes. Over all competitors, the original RES-I-GLAS® is superior in tensile strength, durability, insulation value, ease of application, and storage shelf life, due to the uncompromised use of highest grade raw materials and consistent manufacturing process. No wonder leading electric motor manufacturers and service centers worldwide always insist on the one and only original RES-I-GLAS® banding tape by Fibertek. 

RES-I-STRAINT Edging Tape 

Fibertek Res-I-Straint is an important component of the complete Fibertek Banding System. It assures your glass band of being the strongest, most secure and most accurate possible. Res-I-Straint Tadpole Edging Tape is a nominal 5% resin impregnated and ''B'' staged edging tape used in conjunction with glass banding tape to provide a more uniform glass band. 

It can also be used as a means of band stress relief when banding a wide area by using a third or intermediate restraint in the center of the glass band. Res-I-Straint is placed upon the armature prior to the banding tape application and the sewn-in bead forms the outer edges of the glass band. Hence, the diameter of the bead is proportionate to the thickness of the band. 

B-Stage Surge Rope

The Fibertek B-Stage Surge Rope incorporates a 35% resin content of 220 degrees C modified polyester resin. The polyester braid provides a dry, user friendly jacket which eliminates the need to directly handle glass fibers during installation. The braid provides for a more flexible product which enables the user to tie tighter knots and eliminates the need for additional protection around the coils.